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Cleanup Week Postponed: What To Do With Your Stuff

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The city of Fargo is catching some heat for a decision tied to the flood fight. The annual cleanup week, which was schedule for the first week in may has been postponed.  

Moorhead's cleanup week is re-scheduled for June 3rd-7th. Fargo's isn't until September 23rd-27th.

Teresa Terry lives in Fargo, and her garage will soon be filled with relatives for her daughters graduation. But for now, it's filled with old doors and windows, things she would of put out for cleanup week.

"I just thought uh that's my luck with a graduation I'm not going to get my garage cleaned out." Teresa laughs. "I wasn't upset I just thought ok yeah that figures because of the whole flooding situation and what's going on."

City leaders say after many complaints the postponement stays. Their efforts are focused on the flood fight.

"This is the first time we've re-scheduled cleanup week." Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker says, "What everybody has to understand, these things are not made at the whim of any one person, people have to understand that we have to make these decisions based on accomplishing these goals."

So Teresa is thinking of donating things to thrift stores. Shoppers in Dakota Boy's and Girl's Ranch Thrift Store agree that recycling would be a great solution to the things piled up in your home. Some thrift stores have noticed a slight increase because clean up week was canceled.

"It actually helps us because they are cleaning house and they don't like to throw their good items, they rather bring it in and have it recycled." says Glenda Krueger, store manager at the thrift store.

But until Teresa decides what to donate, if by graduation there's still a mess, she has an idea of what to do.

"Make do, push things to the side, get the cheap plastic table clothes and hang them down and you know cover it up as best as we can make it a colorful festive situation." Teresa laughs.

Trying to make the best with the stuff until September comes.

"It's a service that the city offers us, that doesn't happen everywhere, so I look at it as still being a positive thing, a way to get rid of junk that you'd normally have to pay for." says Teresa.

Once again Fargo's cleanup week is re-scheduled September 23rd-27th. Moorhead's is closer, re-scheduled for June 3rd-7th.

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