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Fargo Marathon has a New Route Avoiding Moorhead

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Flood or no flood, the Fargo Marathon is still a go come mid-May. On Tuesday marathon officials rerouted the course once again to make way for clay dikes and to wiggle around some spots that could be getting water. Valley News Teams Eric Crest paced out the route with marathon organizers for tonight's Fargo Marathon update.

At the forty yard line in the Fargo Dome is the starting and ending point for all the athletes that plan on partaking in the 2013 Fargo Marathon. As far as the course's route goes though, it's not entirely set in stone just yet.

Fargo Marathon Director Mark Knutson says this is just the latest and hopefully the last route planned. "We've gone through probably 7-8-9 renditions of the course and so we're working hard to come up with a route that works with the city. A route that's flood free, if such a term exists," Says Knutson.

Organizers do have a route in mind. On Tuesday organizers paced it out to make sure it's the proper length. Fortunately it was right on at 26.2 miles. They also wanted to make sure the newest route can handle the traffic a marathon brings with it.

Knutson says it's not as simple as pacing it out and throwing a stamp of approval on it, "it's not as easy as people would think. Most people would think you hop in a car and drive 26.2 miles and call it good. There's so many things that come into play."

On the account of the impending flood this year Moorhead is out of the marathon. "Because that Moorhead Center Mall area, 3rd St. underpass floods at like 22 feet... So we figured there's no way that's gonna be cleaned off by marathon time." Says Knutson.

Another change along the route will bring back memories for some of the 2009 marathon. The marathon will be passing through downtown Fargo on Broadway. There will be two passes along Broadway, avoiding some trouble spots that could be holding water or just be a mess by mid may.

But Tom Reagan of the USA Track and Field Organization hired to pace the route out says, as of right now the course looks pretty solid. "I think it will be an excellent race, excellent course, and I'll keep you in our prayers cause the river doesn't have to crest huge. I hope it doesn't." Says Reagan.

The new route that dodges Moorhead all together is not officially set in stone yet. Organizers are still waiting for the USA Track and Field Organization to approve the newest path. Marathon organizers say folks in neighborhoods that will be on the new route should be getting a letter in the mail within the next week.

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