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Recent Flood Predictions Concerning Moorhead

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It's go time for cities along the river. The water will be rising fast and there is limited time to prepare. The National Weather Service expects the level of Red River in the FM area to double over the next week.

Right now, the city of Fargo is ahead of the game, building clay dikes, but there's a lot of work to do. They're working 24 hours a day to build up dikes that will protect the city, and all together, there will be 7 1/2 miles of it. This prep work is giving a lot of reassurance to people here in Fargo, but across the river in Moorhead, they're starting to get concerned.

Delores Ellwanger of Moorhead says, "I've never experienced a flood in this house."

Not many can say they've lived in the same house for over a half a century.

"I did buy insurance a few years, but this year I didn't," says Delores.

 Let alone along the river in an area prone to flooding.

Delores says, "Lots of activity with sandbagging."

Delores and her cat Goober...

"I've watched my river rise," says Delores. 

Can watch the river out their front window, because Goober's old owners had their home bought out.

"And they got a place where they couldn't take the cat, so I got him," says Delores.

And like many is Moorhead, they weren't concerned, but the stress is starting.

river is expected to rise drastically, and according to the latest predictions, if I came back and stood right here in a couple of days, I'd be under water.

Moorhead city engineer, Bob Zimmerman, says, "The activity going on is going to be a little bit greater."

Now Moorhead is realizing the severity of the impending flood, and trying to reassure people.

Zimmerman says, "Sooner or later the snow has got to melt and people are ready, we just need to go."

They're predicting they'll need less than 400,000 sandbags, which they have on reserve from 2011, and don't expect any major issues. But in the back of Delores' mind, she knows there's a chance.

Delores says, "Like they say, you think you're real safe until you think Minot. It could happen."

At that Moorhead flood meeting Monday night, people were told that over the next few days, crews will be out surveying their property along the river and determining how many sandbags they'll need. Then on Wednesday, Moorhead will be able to start building dikes. But still, they're saying their flood fight won't quite be as intense as Fargo's

Moorhead city leaders are predicting they will not be using any state or federal money for this flood fight, only city funds.

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