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Fargo Marathon First Responders Prepared for Boston Scenario

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As information comes in about the explosions at the Boston Marathon, experts are learning the bombs were likely made form household items.

Local emergency personnel say that's one reason why a situation like that could happen here in the valley.

They tell Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman what they're doing to be prepared.

Fargo police officers say they'll be assessing the risks of a similar event happening at the Fargo Marathon.

That could mean taking measures as far as sealing off manholes.

But, before they do that, they say we already have safety on our side.

"Until we get some further details we're not going to know what actually set it off, whether it be a timer or some kind of cell phone-- either one of which you can purchase locally," Tim Runcorn, Commander of the Red River Valley Bomb Squad, said.

Experts are now finding out the materials used to make those bombs came from shelves like these.

They say it's not hard to do with a crock pot. Pack that with shards of metal and you have a dangerous weapon.

"It has one, sole purpose and that is to cause damage," Runcorn said.

Investigators found remnants of ball bearings and nails around the scene.

"They're enhancing these (bombs) with these types of things to cause more collateral damage," Runcorn said.

And while these tools could be found anywhere, you won't have to look far to find trained emergency responders.

"In the Fargo-Metro area all the fire departments, police, and us, we're always practicing," Don Martin, Operations Manager at F-M Ambulance said.

Martin says paramedics would have been prepared if the explosions happened here.

"The scenario that happened yesterday is one of our scenarios," Martin said of training exercises around the valley.

And they don't underestimate the power of surprise.

"The best place is to go to a small town and do that, because when you feel the safest- and that's in Fargo- that's the place to create the most terror."

But, it's a comfort to know when tragedy hit Boston, those responders acted off the same training used here in Fargo.

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