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Teens & Alcohol During the Season of Parties

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Dep. B.J. Maxson, GF Sheriff's Dept: "It's coming prom time, so we just want to make the students aware of the perils of drinking and driving."

   Deputies talked to high school students about all the problems underage drinking can cause, including trouble with the law, parents, schools and more.

Dep. Mike Lee, GF Sheriff's Dept: "And along with that drinking comes those sexual assaults, male and female and I'm not saying guys you can't be victimized, but generally it's the female that's victimized."

Video: "This at 7 o'clock in the morning.. . oh… she's not done yet."

  Students also watched a video of an actual DUI arrest near Grand Forks and the possible tragic consequences of drunk driving.

Deputy: "That's what happens when you're drunk and veer off and hit the guard rail."

  Students also slapped on beer goggles that simulate impaired vision and took turns behind the wheel of the drunk cart. Very few students made it through the course without hitting a cone or two. And while deputies say it appears education about drinking and driving has improved the problem, it still hasn't gone away.

John Sampel, Student: "My eyes are still adjusting right now."

Reporter: "Do you think it's a big problem in your school?"

Sampel: "Not too big. But there are a couple people."

Ben Schanilec, Student: "I know some people that do it, but I wouldn't advise it after trying that."

  A hands on and not too subtle reminder to students and parents to make sure your family doesn't become part of one of those tragic, prom or graduation stories we often hear about...  this time of year.


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