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School Delayed But Not Canceled... What Gives?

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Waking up in the valley many parents likely wondered, why are my kids going to school on a day like today? Nearly 9 inches fell in most parts of the F-M area but that didn't stop school bus routes. Valley News Team's Eric Crest spoke with school officials on both sides of the Red River to find out how they make the call... that school is on.

Making the decision to call it a snow day in April, isn't an easy one. School officials start playing the role of meteorologist with the help of their county and other neighboring school districts.

The superintendent in Moorhead, Dr. Lynne Kovash, says she was up most of Sunday night watching the forecast. "When I looked at the satellite it looked like it was kinda letting up. But that wasn't the case." Says Kovash.

On the Fargo side of the Red River Business Manager of Fargo Public Schools, Broc Lietz, did much of the same. Evaluating all the factors that play into whether school would commence as scheduled. "There's no magic bullet as to what's a snow day and what's not. How do you make that? You just got to weigh all the factors." Says Lietz.

Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead all decided a two hour delayed start time Monday morning was the best way to go about it. They concluded that hopefully the brunt of the snow would be cleaned up by the time parents and students would be on the road for the late start.

"Certainly there's a lot of snow. There's no doubt about that. But the conditions are a lot better at 8 o'clock this morning than they were at 5 or 6." Says Lietz.

"Today the temperature isn't all that bad and the wind isn't all that bad so we figured that a two hour delay... We'd be able to make it." Says Kovash.

But two school buses from the Valley Bus Company based in Fargo got stuck in route to school Monday morning. Three more got stuck right in their own lot.

People on Facebook thought it was unnecessary to send kids to school with roads in such poor conditions. Almost 400 comments added up and mostly from folks wondering... why?

One Fargo student chimed in..."in Fargo even getting to school was less than pleasant. It should be canceled till they get the roads clear. I'm writing this in the back of a half empty classroom."

But not everyone felt that way. One comment read..."I'm confused as to why people are reacting as though this is a life or death situation. Aren't we used to snow by now?"

So with the collective efforts of school districts in our region, and city planners, the decision was made. Shortly after 10 o'clock Monday morning interstate 94 opened back up and the North Dakota travel advisory was lifted. Going to show maybe some of the school administrators that made the call, might have a future in metrology.

The school districts of Fargo and Moorhead both say they don't plan on adding any additional school days because of today's late start.

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