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Moose Becomes Northern Valley Tourist Attraction

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  Remember the opening scene to that 1990’s TV Show, “Northern Exposure”, where a moose walks through town?

   Well, that fictional Alaskan town doesn’t have anything over Crookston, Minnesota. Look who’s been wandering in and around the outskirts of town… a yearling, cow moose.

  Every now and then she’ll just lie down for a quick, drink of snow.

  This moose has now been hanging around Crookston for a few weeks. It’s become a bit of a tourist attraction.

  It’s all made for some free entertainment as drivers often make a roadside stop to take a free look at one Mother Nature’s larger creations.

Brian Gustafson, Fertile, MN: “Oh, yeah. He’s always around here. Last time I saw him he was down the road. Yesterday he was sleeping back there. The day before he was down by the water plant in that lady’s yard, that yellow house.”

  Ross Hier of the DNR says, they’ve had to chase her away from a few locations in town. But, overall Heier says she’s in good shape and hopes she’ll move along to a more remote location, once the weather warms up.

Ross Hier, DNR: “She’s a yearling… acts like a lot of moose I’ve seen, when we used to have a lot of moose… where you see a calf lose its mother late in life. It kind of knows what she’s doing, but she seems unsure.”

  …and a word of caution for all those moose watchers out there. Look, but do not touch.

Ross Hier: “You see her ears drop back, that’s a sign for you to back off. Those hooves, they could put them through a human so fat you’d never know what hit you.”

    Crookston Police Chief, Tim Motherway says, they’ve been receiving calls every day from people reporting the moose. He says for now, they’ll leave it alone, as long as it stays out of traffic. 


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