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Winter-Like Spring Causing Problems

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It's cold, it's wet, it's muddy and in about two and a half months, the days will already begin to get shorter.  Sounds depressing, especially, after last spring, when temps this time of year where  60-70 degrees.

Oak Grover Gold Coach, Jon Erickson, says, "It's not fun at all."

It's 68 degrees and perfect conditions...in the Sports Bubble.

Erickson says, "You can only do so much in here."

The Grover golf team has been indoors this entire season.
Erickson says, "This is the third week of practice and this is the first time we've actually gotten together to hit balls."  

They're not the only ones.

Erickson says, "All kinds of schools fighting for the same space."

 Another high school team came from an hour away just to get in some swings.

"Well, we can't really be on the golf course at our school," says Justin Mark from Underwood High School.

This puddles, the cold, the wind and even the snow is why they can't play outside. But practicing inside, comes with it's own challenges

Erickson says, "It's just not the same as being outside. It's Astroturf."

"First time I got out, I couldn't even hit the ball, but I can actually hit it now," says Kyle Chelemedo

A person's golf game isn't the only thing that's hurting in this extended "in between season". Golf courses are being forced to stay shut, and that snowballs. Course workers, lawn mowers and even restaurant employees at clubs get less hours. Another problem: these kids are getting antsy.

Chelemedo says, "Being inside, it kind of gets boring."

And it's crowded.

Mark says "I almost hit George in the head with a golf club."

And until the warmth and summer sun comes, they'll be stuck inside.

Chelemedos says, "Hopefully the snow will melt pretty soon and we'll get out there."

One more plus sides to this extended winter season, of course, the snow melts much slower, which helps with flooding.

One year ago Fargo hit 60 degrees and had already hit 70 degree temps multiple times by then last spring.

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