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Plan B To Be Sold Over The Counter

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Amid the recently signed bills in North Dakota that essentially ban abortion, a federal judge has ruled the FDA must make Plan B, or the "morning after pill", available to all women. Previously, women under 17 needed a prescription to get the pill. Now, it will be available over the counter.

Jenn McCormack of Fargo says, "I feel like we have a fairly open relationship."

With two teenage girls...

McCormack says, "I feel like they can talk to me when they need to."

A mother's love, can turn into...

"You worry all the time. It's pretty much non-stop," says McCormack.

She says trust and honestly is a big part of her relationship with her 13-year-old and 15-year-old daughters, but thanks to a new federal ruling making the Plan B pill more available, she trusts they'll make the right decision.

"I would like them to talk to me, but I feel like it's an okay thing," says McCormack.

The Plan B pill is now going to be easier to get than ever. Kind of like Aspirin or Tylenol. They'll be moved from behind the counter to store shelves.

Previously, girls under 17 needed a prescription. Many in favor of women's rights say it's a big step towards equality, but others argue about the safety. Some say young women might abuse it, take it incorrectly, or use it as a first choice for protection. On the Valley News Live Facebook page, one person commented that some teens might overlook STD's and just focus on the birth control aspect . Another says it almost encourages sex. As for Jenn McCormakck, she says she'll make sure her daughters know about the option.

"Kids don't get as much respect for as intelligent as they are, and a lot of parents don't see that," says McCormack.

Even though Plan B will be sold over the counter, that might not always be the case in North Dakota. In November 2014, a primary election is set to be held on Senate Resolution 4009, which says "Any stage of development must be recognized and defended". Doctors say that definition includes Plan B. In the past, critics have said the "Morning After Pill" is similar to an abortion. That has since been discredited by medical groups and scientists.

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