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More Volunteers Fill Sandbag Central

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UPDATE (4/4 11:25)

Thursday proved to be a successful day at Sandbag Central, where volunteers helped to fill 151,000 sandbags. That's 41,000 more than Wednesday. Over its first two days of operation, Sandbag Central has produced a total of 261,000 bags. That's over a quarter of their 1,000,000 sandbag goal.

If you want to sign up to fill some sandbags-- call the Volunteer Hotline at 701-476-4000.


Sandbag central will likely surpass the 200-thousand sandbag mark when it closes at 7 Thursday evening. 270 Carl Ben Eielson students and nearly double the amount of walk-in volunteers than yesterday have helped the city push past that benchmark. City officials say they're pleased with the progress, but Saturday's volunteer schedule is looking a little light.

"We've got all sorts of fancy equipment. We've got a bunch of support staff running around, but without the volunteers to actually put the sand in bags and get on a pallet, we wouldn't stand a chance of winning." Says Bruce Grubb the Fargo Enterprise Director.

If you want to help out call the volunteer hotline at 701-476-4000.

300 volunteers on hand is what's needed for Fargo's sandbag central to reach it's goal of 1 million bags by next Saturday. Thursday afternoon Valley News Live was there to show how kids and adults, no matter what they're skill set... Make it all happen for our community.

270 kids from Carl Ben Eielson Middle School helped create some 72 thousand sand bags Thursday afternoon. Logan Macziewski, an 8th grader at Carl Ben Eielson has been on the front lines in years past, and enjoys every minute of it, "if your going to miss school why not help your community." Says Macziewski.

Whether they were filling, passing, or tying the bags off, everyone plays a part. Including the folks that are not on the front lines of sand bag central. The ones that keep everything moving along in other capacities. Like Dave Shov of Fargo who is confined to his wheel chair. His role is just as crucial."Like filling sandbags. I can't do that. Sitting behind a table registering volunteers. I can do that all day." Says Shov.

Shov doesn't let his wheelchair stop him from volunteering. He says it shouldn't stop others who have certain limitations from volunteering either, "there's bringing water to people doing the sandbagging, or doing the clean up afterward. It's just a matter of asking." Says Shov.

Six kids with special needs from West Fargo High School asked how they could help out today too. Their teacher Heather Baker says it's great for the kids,"the kids love it they feel great of course. They like not being in school but beyond that it feels great to be with everyone else doing what everyone else is doing and helping out the community like everyone else." Says Baker.

What an opportunity to make a difference. Shov says he's volunteered at sand bag events for the past four years running and encourages others to as well, "we can find them something to do there's always jobs being done. If they want to, let them. It's a learning experience either way."

Because everyone likes the feeling of a sense of community. Even an 8th grader, Macziewski says it's all about doing your part, "these sandbags are going to help someone." Says Macziewski.

Sandbag central coordinators also say the greatest need for volunteers at sandbag central is after three in the afternoon daily.

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