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Trying to Help High School Bullying

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A fight at Davies High School sent a 15-year-old boy to the emergency room Tuesday. A concerned parent says, one freshman was only defending himself, and was hurt so badly he dislocated his knee. Now parents are wondering how much bullying really happens in their kids' schools.

"We really try to partner with families, with parents, and say if were really going to attack this problem, that we need to work together, we need to partner together." says Davies Principal Troy Cody.

He says bullying can happen at school but that it gets started on social media. Students say they hear about fights every week, and that's why the high school is trying to give students help, by doing things like bringing in speakers to inspire them.

On Wednesday they had two speakers, Rory Eidsness and Rollie Johnson. Rory had a stroke 6 years ago and now with the help from Rollie, the two of them have run the half and full marathon by working together. Both go around sharing their message.

"He helps instill in schools, really bullying prevention culture and really how we treat each other." Cody says. And students agree the messages help.

"It was telling everybody really to live life no matter how complicated it gets." Nick Brown a Davies student says. He hopes the message will help with bullying. Brown continues, "I think for the people who are ready, like who are on the verge of fighting or not fighting, will change for the better, so they do help."

Davies High School says after all their messages, it also comes down to help from parents.

"We've got to ask parents to step up and do their part, we're a partner, it's like that triangle, the students at the top, but really the schools only one corner of it, you know the parents are on the other side. And I would encourage parents to think about giving access to their students to the world wide web at their fingertips with no checks and balances." Cody says.

Davies High School has over 100 posters to remind students that they should think about if their words are helpful or true, before they speak. All things from speakers to posters, they are trying to do so less fights happen at school.

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