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If High Water Strikes Again, Folks North of Moorhead Are Ready

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   It's not expected the water will get as high as 2009.  The current forecast calls for moderate flooding around the Hendrum area, 25 miles north of Moorhead. But, even if the water does reach 2009 levels, they're ready.

  Hendrum and other cities now have permanent ring dikes in place to protect their cities. If the water does get to a major flood stage, they can quickly fill openings in dikes that currently allow highways through their towns.

 Mike Smart, Hendrum Flood Coordinator: "Some buyouts have take place, so there are less farms in our area. So, we're pretty comfortable about being able to handle whatever comes."

  Smart says the biggest problem may be detours caused by some road closures in the area.

Mike Smart: "Yeah, there could be…. some of the low spots on some of the roads could go under. But, we'd have to reach 2009 or 2010 levels for Highway 75 to be closed."

  Six miles up the road in Halstad it's the same story. A permanent ring dike is in place around the City and most farmsteads in the area.

Jim Suda, City of Halstad: "We should be good to go, unless we get levels we've never seen before… we've had a couple of feet of free board. The only thing we'd have to do is on the south end of town, we'd have to close off Highway 75."

   So, whatever this spring brings as far as rural flooding,  it appears most cities and farms along the river on the Minnesota side of the Red north of Moorhead are already, well prepared.

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