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Some Still Against Diversion With Looming Flood

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Mike Bice has been a strong voice of opposition to the diversion project, And the latest flood prediction is not changing his mind. With a major flood predicted for the Fargo area,  many are stressing the need and pushing for the diversion project to go through. But owner of the Knickerbocker Liquor Locker in Hickson, and some others, say they're going to continue fighting it.

This year, the national weather service says we have a 50-percent chance of reaching 38 feet of water. And the diversion would help that. But the problem, some people would be kicked out of their home to make way for it. And in mike Bice's case, he'd have to leave his home and business behind.

Bice says, "It's great coming in this place."

It's a place people go to pass time.

"It's kind of like a cheers bar. Not that we're happy all the time with the diversion," says Bice.

And he's been waiting, and waiting for answers.

Bice says, "I spent 10 years building it up and hoped to turn it over to my son some day."

He owns the Knickerbocker Liquor Locker in Hickson, and a few years ago...

Bice says, "This will be a dead zone."

He was told his dreams might be crushed with the proposed diversion.

"We want Fargo to be protected, but at the same time, the current plan, with all the affects, I don't believe it's right," says Bice.

He and his neighbors would be kicked out to make way for the diversion dam.

Bice says, "Doesn't make any sense to any of us."

Bice says he's never had to deal with flooding, in fact these puddles in his parking lot are the most water he's ever had, so he wonders why he should have to suffer from the diversion.

Fargo Mayor, Dennis Walaker, says, "Get your head out of the sand. Sure we've been successful, but it's only been by a couple inches."

Mayor Walaker and others have been pushing for the diversion, and with latest flood prediction, they've changed some people's minds to support it, but Bice is standing his ground for his ground.

Bice says, "We're just trying to save our homes, communities, school districts and everything else."

Bice says one of the hardest things he'll have to face is finding a new place for his business. If they're forced to move, he says he'll lose all the business he usually gets, and have to completely start over.

On Monday, Mayor Walaker addressed the need for state lawmakers to get behind the diversion to make sure Fargo is protected in the case of a devastating flood.

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