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Healthier Me: Preventing Stress Fractures

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In Monday's Healthier Me, with only 52 days until the Fargo Marathon, many runners are conditioning their bodies and getting into shape, and we're looking into a running injury that's especially common for those pushing the pace of training.


Crutches were never a part of Christy Bertrand's race plan for a 5K last month. Although she hadn't run in several years, she'd always been active, and she was convinced she could be up to speed for her first 5K, less than two weeks away. "We had muscle strains and things like that," Bertrand recalled, "but [we] expected to have sore muscles."

Race day, too, started out great for Bertrand... but then came the pain. It blossomed in her left knee at about the two mile mark and continued to worse, eventually landed Bertrand in the care of orthopaedic surgeon Geoffrey Collins at the Imperial Health Center for Orthopaedics in Louisiana.

An MRI revealed that Christy had a stress fracture, a common injury among runners not just in the knee, but also in the feet.

Dr. Geoffery Collins, orthopaedic surgeon: "Bones are alive, and they'll respond to stress if they're given an opportunity to do that. If you exceed that, then they fail. [...] The way we run into trouble with stress fractures are patients who are sharply increasing their level of activity or beginning a new workout program."

Bertrand now relies on crutches and will have to rest for several weeks while her bones recover, but she says she's learned a lesson for her next round of race training: "Go slow, steady, and [rest]. The rest days are so important."


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