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Two Women Help Rescue Client's Dog

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Two West Fargo groomers are going above and beyond their job duties, so much so, that they traveled thousands of miles to help rescue a client's dog.

"I looked for a couple different options but nothing was available, so we got in the car and headed straight down there." says Karla Weiebe who's a dog groomer at Pet Palace. Boo-Boo is a truckers dog and comes in often to get groomed. Her owner was just on a truck route, and after having some heart problems her owner called a friend for help.

"I got a call from her dad, on Sunday. Telling me that he had been hospitalized, he had been sick for a long time." Karla says.

While her owner was in the hospital Boo-Boo was stuck in the truck, and the heat was accidentally turned off. "We found out that one of the hospital administrators was able to take her into a shelter, but she was only able to stay there for three days." Karla says.

The problem was after the three days they didn't know if Boo-Boo was going to go into a foster home, be adopted to another family, or even the worse of going to another shelter where she could of been put down.

To prevent any of those Karla and her co-worker Casey Dinham, started the drive to Ohio.  They left Sunday during the blizzard and it took them 20 hours to make it there. After they finally arrived, they had to wait overnight for the shelter to open.

"She ran right up to us and I picked her up, and I hugged her, and I started crying like a baby." Casey says. Because Boo-Boo was now with people she knows, and being brought back to her new home.

"She loves other people, I mean I don't think she has a mean bone in her body." Casey smiles.

Their love for animals makes these two put pets and clients first.

"Well I'm not usually requested to do this but I would do it again if I had to." Karla says. After their three day trip with little sleep both are happy to be back with Boo-Boo who's now safe.

Boo-Boo's permanent home is now with her pet groomer Casey, right where her owner wanted. So when he's healthy again, he'll be able to come and visit.

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