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Smartphone Breathalyzer Aims to Keep Drunk Drivers off the Roads

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Soon your phone will be able to figure out if you're too drunk to drive, the first smartphone breathalyzer will soon be on the market.

Had a lot to drink? Maybe too much to drive? A Silicon Valley company called Breathometer hopes to give you some quick answers in a miniature machine that connects to your phone.

Push the jack out, take your smartphone, and plug it in. Breathe into the device and it will actually tell you what your blood alcohol content (BAC) is.

Once people see they are over the limit, the company hopes they will do the right thing and hand over the keys. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 10,000 people die every year in America, driving while intoxicated. North Dakota was recently ranked #1 for percentage of deaths involving drunk driving.

Breathometer C.E.O. Charles Michael Yim says, "The focus for us is to reduce as many drunk driving accidents as there are and ultimately potentially even save lives."

If you are blowing into a police officer breathalyzer, you're probably halfway to jail.  Now, two consumer versions of the smartphone breathalyzer are already out on the market.

The Breathometer fits on a key chain, and the smartphone app doesn't just tell you how drunk you are, it gives you choices: To call a cab, or even a friend who might be nearby.

The company is taking advance orders for $20 bucks each. They expect Breathometers to be available to the public by this summer. Breathometer has already received 3,000 orders in just the past 5 days.

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