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Water Tastes "Salty" To Help Prevent Flooding

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Some people are finding a big gulp of tap water in Fargo isn't as refreshing as it usually is. It looks completely normal, and smells just fine, but the taste is causing some people to turn to bottled water.

After an intense session at the gym...

Jim Beske of Fargo says, "Just normally start with some cardio and do a little bit of a weight lifting."

Nothings better than a big gulp of...

"That's not good. No," says Beske.

"Salty or something," says Tracey Braeger of Fargo.

Salt?! Well, that's what many are tasting in Fargo lately when they drink straight from the tap.

Brittney Lommel of Fargo says, "Minerals, kind of. Stuff added to it."

Cathy Birrenkott of West Fargo says, "More of a musty taste, I think. More of an icky taste left in your mouth when you're done."

So what's causing this funny taste? Well, what it all boils down to is flood protection. Like many riverside cities, Fargo gets its main source of was from the Red River. But a connecting body of water is what's causing the problem.

Fargo Water Plant Superintendent, Ron Hendricksen, says, "In the drinking levels there is some elevated minerals, dissolved minerals."

The Army Corps of Engineers released water from Lake Traverse in South Dakota to make way for melting snow. That water travels up the Bois de Sioux river and into the Red River, causing the salty taste. Usually, when this happens, Fargo's alternate source is the Sheyenne River, but right now that's getting water from Devils Lake, which is also causing a different taste.

Hendricksen says, "As soon as we get some of that snow to melt and run in the river, it's going to dilute it down."

That means we only have a few more weeks of the funky taste.

Beske says, "I wouldn't drink that stuff though."

Otherwise, maybe try bottled.

Depending on people's taste buds, some can taste a big difference and some can't taste it at all. The water treatment plant has gotten nearly 20 calls in the past week about taste. But they reassure us that is completely safe to drink.


The Fargo Water Treatment Plant says you may be noticing a funny taste to your water. They've gotten complaints lately of tap water having a "salty" taste. The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Lake Traverse, which is located along the South Dakota-North Dakota border. They're doing this to make way for snow pack. The impact is higher minerals, higher salts and harder water. We didn't experience this last year, because of the lack of snow. The water is still safe to drink.

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