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Woman Avoids Double Trouble

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This week Valley News Live has teamed up with the Better Business Bureau to get you answers about potential scams in your community. And now we have another one to tell you about, this one reported by a Fargo woman who's had her share of run-ins with scammers.

Marge Laffen recently posted something on Craigslist about renting out her families cottage. Right away she got an email from someone living in England who was interested.

"She said that she would send us a check immediately, a U.S. cashiers check, from a U.S. company. And that they were anxious to come." Marge tells Valley News Live.

After some back-and-forth emails, things got interesting. The renter told Marge she'd sent too large of a check.  Marge explains what the renter told her, "And it said, would you cash it and send the rest back, and of course now we know it's a scam."

Little later a check came that was written out to Fargo North Dakota. Also the amount was too low to even cover the cottage rent. This wasn't the first time scammers tried to take advantage of her, she recently received a phone call from her husband's number. But the funny thing was, he was sitting right beside her.

The caller said her husband had just won a 100-dollar gift card, all they needed to do was pay for the postage and handling with a credit card.

"And I said, 'ah this sounds kind of fishy' and click they hung up, just like that." Marge laughs.

There are many cheap, and easy, new tools available for scammers who want your money, and Marge did the right thing by contacting the Better Business Bureau. They say if you ever have to pay for a prize, it's a scam.

Marge talked to them on the phone and they told her all scammers do is call people. "She said this is how they make their money and they're good at it."

They are good at trying to scam people if they aren't careful or aware. Marge just wants everyone to be aware and safe. "It's so important for people to know that they better think twice about this." she says.

To always be thinking twice so you don't get scammed once.

If you have concerns about scams, and want to talk to someone, call the Better Business Bureau. The number is: 1-800-646-6222.

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