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Parents Still Wondering Why Freedom Elementary Was Locked Down

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Parents of Freedom Elementary students were likely shaken Wednesday after three threatening phone calls put the school into lock down. Thursday, parents and students were accompanied by a police presence at school. This afternoon Valley News Live talked with parents to see how they are coping.

Three West Fargo Police squads greeted students near Freedom Elementary this morning. One officer stayed on campus all day. But that doesn't put all parents at ease. Kristina Stahl was just one of the parents who isn't sure how she feels about police at school, after all she doesn't even know what kind of a threat was made.

"I don't know if that's comforting or not. I mean I still today I have a pit in my stomach of what could have happened." Says Stahl.

Stahl's second grader was at the school when it went into lock down. The details are vague, but her son filled her in as best as a second grader can. "Basically all he said was that they told him that there could be a bad person coming, and that they were to get under their desk and that was what they did." Explains Stahl.

Today, school officials haven't said what the threat was, or when the school decided to go into lock down. Or whether they made the decision on the first, second, or third threat made. An automated message was sent out to parents around 2:30 stating the school was in lock down. By about 3:15 the next one came in, saying the lock down was over.

Principle Jeff Johnson says they followed procedure and it all went very smooth, "our safety protocol procedures and all of those were implemented exactly as outlined as we were supposed to do. Including communication techniques that we do send out."

The counselor at Freedom Elementary, Joan Houdek, says Thursday was a pretty quite day, and the kids seemed to be handling what happened Wednesday all right. "I have every confidence in the plans the district has implemented. We work hard on these plans and procedures and I think it gives the parents a peace of mind too."

But for one mom, despite the details of why the school locked down in the first place, and when they made the decision, she just wants to know what's going on at her child's school. It's been over 24 hours and she stands with just as much insight as she did on Wednesday afternoon.

"I know nothing more... There was three phone calls I don't know details. Or what was said. I heard it might have been a parent. We don't know anything. I think parents should be told a lot more info than what we've been told so far." Says Stahl.

Staffers told us parents will be receiving a newsletter with some new information Friday. They say it's important for parents to talk their kids about what happened but not to relay their fears onto their children. Also parents are suggested to reassure their kids that school is a safe place.

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