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Major Upgrade at Red River Dispatch Saves Lives Faster

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Thanks to an $80,000 donation from Sanford Health, the Red River Dispatch Center in Fargo was able to upgrade their Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Protocol cards to a state of the art digital system.

EMD cards are not new, they've been around since the 1970's, helping dispatchers walk callers through just about anything. From gunshot victims, to child birth and heart attacks, even a car sinking.

Even though EMD cards get updated over the years, they're not as practical and efficient in a dispatch center anymore. The new system automatically prompts and eliminates questions based on the callers answers, allowing dispatchers to start assisting them while they're still on the phone waiting for help to arrive.

Mary Phillippi, says this is a prime example of dispatchers starting to give medical help while callers are still on the line. "The people who are calling us sometimes need what we call pre-arrival instructions before the ambulance gets there we can help that person, we have a diagnostic tool for strokes and agonal breathing as well as doing compressions or child birth."

The new software even has a compression counter, which allows the dispatcher to count along with a caller assuring they're giving compressions at an accurate rate.

Phillippi, adds that the software also generates a code that helps keep everyone on the same page. "Based on the questions it tells you what the code is and based on those codes we know who to send and the ambulance knows how to respond."

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