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Woman Shares Her Struggle After Gaining 250 Pounds In 4 Years

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A former physical trainer is trying to lose 250 pounds that she gained in last four years. Angela Skaff of West Fargo has faced weight issues her entire life. It's a battle but, dealing with the emotional issues has been more difficult.

They're intense and beautiful people. Physical trainers are thought to be in top shape, and just a few years ago, so was Angela Skaff.

"It always hit the hardest when I had to find something to wear," says Angela.

Since she can remember, she says she's struggled with weight.

"Daily, just telling myself everything wrong or negative," says Angela.

But when she was in college, she found courage, became a physical trainer and dropped down to 193 pounds.

Angela says, "I just felt good about myself, and I was finally able to wear the things I want to wear."

But the issues of weight goes far beyond the physical aspect that a person sees in the mirror. It's an emotional struggle that is often heavier than a person can lift.

Angela says, "Honestly, I just don't want to die. I have too much to do in my life."

After abusive relationships, losing jobs and being homeless, this video was taken. Angela had gained 250 pounds over the span of four years.

"I didn't really know how to emotionally handle things with that," says Angela.

But now, she's finding faith, courage and strength with the help of her former boss.

Xtreme Measures Owner, Mariah Prussia, says, "It is life or death, when you hit to the extreme of where she currently is in terms of weight, it's scary."

It's a tiring and painful journey, but Angela is dedicated to losing the weight again.

Prussia says, "Yes, there are going to be tears, but it's tears of success."

"This time around, it's all about the balance," says Angela.

Because person's worth is measured by something other than a scale.

"Honestly, just knowing that you're worth it to take the step," says Angela.

As angela goes through her weight loss journey, she plans to keep a blog and continue to share her story. If you want to follow her along, here's the link:


If you or anyone you know is struggling with weight and emotional issues, Xtreme Measures can help. An eight week course is scheduled for April focusing on education and finding a vision for weight loss.

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