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Fargo Woman Fights For Alley To Be Cleared

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You may of complained when your neighborhood streets weren't plowed a few days after a storm, but try driving through one that hasn't been properly plowed for weeks.

One Fargo woman is working on keeping her alley-way clean. Kathy Onsum says she helps shovel the alley some days. "It just needs to be done so why not do it." Kathy says.

Shoveling off your driveway shouldn't be a terrible job, but how about when you have no where to put the snow? That's how the back alley to Kathy's house is.

"It's very frustrating, very frustrating. Cuz we never had this problem. When I moved into this house 35 years ago, I was the youngest in the neighborhood, and everybody respected the alley. And there's no respect in here anymore." Kathy says.

In the summer time the alleys Kathy's home is attached to is actually two lanes. But when neighbors are trying to clear their driveways and snows piling up in places, it can be hard to get even one car down the lane.

"We have to pull into little areas that we find you know and wait for somebody that's going to be passing." Kathy explains.

Looking from a residential street into the alley, you can see a big difference. And thanks to Kathy after a storm comes she's one of the reasons her and her neighbors can drive in and out. After plows go down University and block the alley in, Kathy goes out and shovels the snow, clearing the way. 

"I'm always on this University Drive, during 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock traffic. And I'm out there shoveling and I'm just going, if I die I die, if I get hit by a car, then I get hit by a car." Kathy says.

Alleys are the last roads to be cleaned, and after a few complaints to the Fargo Street Department a tractor plow came through. But then Kathy says neighbors filled the alley back up with snow from their driveways. It's an ongoing problem which she says her neighbors and the street department need to work together on.

"Somebody's gotta start taking care of this alley, so far it's just me." Kathy sighs.

The street department has answered her calls and come down through the alley a few times. But they tell her because that alley is shorter than most, it's one of the last ones on the list to get cleared.

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