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Unique Trends To Remember Loved Ones

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It's a topic many people don't like to talk about, do you want to buried or cremated? But what if you could make an explosive exit in life?

There's some new trends that make even the healthiest people think about their afterlife plans.

"Certainly isn't something that I'd bring up with every single family of, you know have you considered memorializing your loved one through making a diamond." says Funeral Director Marty Baumgartner. He says a funeral home is a changing industry, and that it's evolving all the time.

"it's very exciting, but it's also kind of scary to think about where we're going to be in the next 20 years." Marty says.

Now families are asking, besides a traditional burial, what more can they do to remember their loved ones? Some people have heard about putting ashes into a glass locket to wear as a necklace. But there's even more unique ways of what to do with the remains.

"Personal keep sake urns, fireworks, or shotgun blasts." Marty starts to list the endless possibilities of what to do with one's ashes, like sending them out to space. At Boulger Funeral Home the popular request is for a 'Thumbie'.

"it's a piece of jewelry and we would take that individuals thumb print, and it's placed on a little pendant necklace." Marty explains.

Even for families who are going to go for a more traditional option, adding things like an insert panel, that's a picture of something that represents the person, can give personalization to the casket. Funeral directors say the decision of what to do should represent the persons life.

"you would want something that is going to match their life, to match what that person is about. And so there are those new options that are becoming available to take it that step further." Marty says.

Everything from being made into jewelry, having ashes put into shotgun or firework shells, are all new ways for someone to go out in style.

Someone looking for a more 'Green' way; another unique option at funeral homes are biodegradable urns that disintegrate back into the earth after they are buried or put out at sea.

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