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How Healthy is Fast Food Fish

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It's everywhere this time of year, from snacks to baskets, even classic sandwiches, wherever you go there's fish.

So what are you really eating when you bite into that battered deep fired fish. We brought fish from Wendy's, Arby's, Long John Silvers and McDonalds to Bri Srnsky, a Sanford Dietitian, who told us what you'll be digesting.

"The average fish sandwich is probably right around 500 calories or so and gives you about 1,000 mailgrams of sodium and right up there with the total fat content as well."

Adding tartar sauce to your sandwich will also add about 100 calories to your meal. Even though you think you may be being healthy with some lettuce on your sandwich. Srnsky, warns it doesn't really do that much for you.

"Lettuce is kind of deceiving in that people think they're doing a good thing, I have this lettuce on this sandwich but it's really not giving you a whole heck of a lot." Adding that to make your meal healthier try and pick out smaller portion sizes and substitute those fries for fruit if you can, even ordering a diet soda or water can go a long way. 

Srnsky, also made a homemade pineapple salsa instead of tartar sauce, which is not only full of flavor but nutrients as well, says Srnsky, "and by using the fresh ingredients we are limiting the fat content limiting overall calories, not nearly any sodium of any kind really. Plus we're getting those vitamins and minerals that we get from our fresh fruits and vegetables."

We didn't test every fish sandwich on the market today, but our Long John Silvers fish basket came up with around 1,200 calories. McDonalds has one of lowest caloric sandwiches out there coming in at 390 calories, mainly because it's one of the smallest.

For the most accurate and up to date nutritional info visit the restaurants web site.

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