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Customers Want Missing Memories Back: Y2K Owner Speaks Out

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A local photo studio shut their doors leaving people without their cherished memories.  Although the pictures were paid in full, customers couldn't get ahold of the owner to pick up the hundreds of photos owed to them.

Stories wouldn't see the light of day without tips from Valley News Live viewers, we're trying to give voice to the people who feel like their being taken advantage of.  We tackled the situation head-on, and late Thursday night the owner of Y2K Photography got back to us. He sat down with Valley News Team's Eric Crest to explain how he plans to make things right.

"We always gave people the best value and the best quality product we could and we always will, and that's why I'm here to reassure people we'll take care of them," is what Kevin Lind said after he heard about customer complaints.

Kevin Lind is the owner of Y2k Photography. He can be a hard guy to get ahold of, but after seeing our story Thursday night, he contacted us, which isn't so easy for many of his former clients, like Dan Johnston, to understand.

"One thing lead to another and months went by and all you get is a song and dance and pretty soon you didn't get the song anymore," Johnston says.

When Y2K Photography closed down, many were left wondering 'How am I supposed to get my product back?'

"One roll of it had my wife and my wedding on it which would have been 40 years old this summer."

16 rolls of Dan Johnston's super 8 film, memories like a big hunt with his dad, weddings and everything in between from his lifetime were supposed to be digitized and put on a DVD by Y2K Photography.

"They're the kinds of things you relive from time to time to have the visual."

But Johnston couldn't get his hands on them. Valley News Live has heard from more than a dozen people who have the same gripe.

As far as Johnston is concerned, "Some of those kids I understood had their wedding pictures and children's pictures and what have you... That's beyond disgust."

Eric Crest got a chance to sit down with owner Kevin Lind and asked the tough questions. "Were you dodging them did you drop the ball? How did it happen?"

"I would never make excuses and no dodging was ever going on," Lind responded. "We were transitioning from full time to part time."

While you likely heard an answering machine if you called him Thursday, after our story Thursday night Kevin is now answering his phones. 

"Of course, when you're not there full time then the phone calls don't always get answered and of course that's not good you want to talk right away. That's where we need to do a better job and we will."

So today, the phone lines are being answered. If you have to leave a message Kevin tells us he'll call you back within a day.  Probably the most comforting part: Lind is going open back up for one day so anyone can swing by and find those memories again.

"Anybody that has a concern can stop by whatever their situation is they can stop by we'll take care of them."

For Johnston who has been waiting for six months, he's not sure what to make of it yet.

"I'll be surprised I honestly will be."

But if it does pan out, I'm just glad Valley News Live could be a part of it.

"I think your doing a public service. I'll get through it one way or another, I can sleep at night."

With a some investigating, persistence, and persuading, we were able to get Y2K Photography to open their doors to the public next Saturday, March 9 from noon to 7:00 p.m.  The studio is located at 304 25th Street South in Fargo. If you need to get ahold of owner Kevin Lind, the phone number is 701-478-2000.



Original Story


A viewer came to us about a problem with their wedding photographer in Fargo, and asked us for help.  At Y2K Photography, they've been snapping photos and putting together your most precious memories since 2000. Today, the problem is the doors are locked, and folks that already paid for the service never got their photos.

At Y2K photography the doors are locked and have been that way for a couple months. The landlord says the checks are bouncing, rent has not been paid in four months, and the tenant, Kevin Lind, only comes in at odd hours to avoid the people who show up.

From what we are hearing, many of those people don't want a refund, they just want their memories back. When the phone calls to Y2K Photography go unanswered, the former customers have no where to turn but next door.

"The people coming to our office looking for him have told us he does great work and a good job but they just can't get a hold of him to pick up the finished product," Glenn Devold explains. "To me if you can't deliver you shouldn't be in the business."

Glenn Devold has only been next door for about a year, but the past couple months have been pretty busy. He says more than 100 people have come by looking for the owner of Y2K Photography.

"For some reason he won't return their calls or give them the finished product and I feel really bad for those clients."

Most of the people just leave a note, then visit the landlord or Devold.

"I haven't met one happy one yet. When they can't get ahold of him. The majority of people say they are not worried about the money anymore. They just want their photo's back. It's memories it's their weddings, birth of their son. Maybe a family member that's no longer alive."

The landlord tells us one woman has been waiting four years for her wedding pictures. A tip from a viewer says her and her husband, who paid in full, more than $2,000, have been trying to get ahold of Lind for 6 months, wondering if they will ever get their photos back.

But don't try to find him here during the day, neighbors say he knows better.

"It's pretty frustrating cause he wouldn't come in when we were here after business hours and we would see the notes missing so he probably got them."

The Cass County Sheriffs Office is trying to find Lind to serve him papers from several people who want to take him to court.


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