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Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza: Top 10 Funniest Misheard Lyrics

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So long as there have been song lyrics, there have been listeners getting them wrong. The typical knee-jerk reaction is to cover up any confusion with a string of indecipherable mumbles, but the more confident among us belt out our own homophonous interpretations.

After years of mistaken beliefs, it's usually a sobering karaoke performance that reveals the awkward truth -- "So Jimi Hendix doesn't kiss dudes?" Nope. Spare yourself some embarrassment and check out some of the most common, and funniest, misheard lyrics of all time, then admit to your own SNAFU'd sing-alongs below.

Elton John, "Tiny Dancer"
  Misheard: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza."
  Real: "Hold me closer, tiny dancer."
Jimi Hendrix, "Purple Haze"
  Misheard:"S'cuse me while I kiss this guy"
  Real: "S'cuse me while I kiss the sky."
Pearl Jam, "Glorified"
  Misheard: "Horrified virgin on a pelican"
  Real: "Glorified version of a pellet gun"
Manfred Mann's Earth Band, "Blinded by the Light"
  Misheard: "Wrapped up like a douche"
  Real: "Revved up like a deuce"
Van Halen, "Panama"
  Misheard: "You reach down between my legs... squeeze the seed bag."
  Real: "You reach down between my legs... ease the seat back."
Adele, "Chasing Pavements"
  Misheard: "Should I just keep chasing penguins?"
  Real: "Should I just keep chasing pavements?"
Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Bad Moon Rising"
  Misheard: "There's a bathroom on the right."
  Real: "There's a bad moon on the rise."
The National, "Mr. November"
  Misheard: "I won't f--- her sober."
  Real: "I won't f--- us over."
Hall and Oates, "Every Time You Go Away"
  Misheard: "Every time you go away, take a piece of meat with you."
  Real: "Take a piece of me with you."
Eagles , "Desperado"
  Misheard: "You've been outright offensive for so long now."
  Real: "You've been out riding fences for so long now."
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