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As Seen on TV: The Wax Vac

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It's called the Wax Vac, it's suppose to clear your ear's of any oily greasy wax build up. So we took it to Dr. Megan Bolda, an audiologist at Sanford Health.

Bolda, took a first look at the Wax Vac and wasn't so sure about it. "I don't know how much wax it would pull out but I think it would get some surface wax out so if that's your concern if you wouldn't want somebody seeing a piece of wax in your ear as they're standing next to you."

To see if this little ear vacuum cleaner would work, we put it to the test on the Valley Today's John Trierweiler. After a few minutes inside his ear, Bolda, opened it up and there was nothing inside. 

"I didn't see any wax removal preformed buy the unit so I would say for somebody who has soft sticky wax it's not going to be worth the money."

Another look down John's ear confirms that no wax had moved, in fact Bolda, could see a large amount of ear wax blocking the ear drum. Most likely caused by cotton swab use. Something the Wax Vac warns against using and a message Bolda agrees with.

"The cotton swab is really good for cleaning out these folds in the ear here but anything you place into your ear can force that wax further into your ear."

Bolda, says the ear is designed to naturally clean it-self but you should see your medical provider at-least once a year to have ears cleaned out.

After having used the Wax Vac, Bolda says, it's just not worth your money. "The wax vac is just not strong enough to pull that gooey wax out of your ears."


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