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Student Stunt Shocks Nation

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It was supposed to be a white out night at the Red River versus Davies game at the state hockey tournament Friday. Red River high students were to dress in white to show their support. Three students took things too far. The trio threw on Ku-Klux-Klan outfits to the shock and horror of their classmates. Now the actions of a few are reflecting on a whole community. Valley News Live has the latest on this developing story.

On Friday night Red River High School won the semi finals sending them to the state championship. The very next night they took home the state hockey title for the 16th time. But many of you heard about this instead.

"We had three students halfway through the first period after Red River had scored their first goal , put on these hoods representative of the KKK." Explains the principal of Red River High School, Kristopher Arason in Grand Forks.

High School junior, Sam Mattice was there and heard from friends who were over the top shocked at the display, "they only had them on for 30-40 seconds and most the kids around them told them to take them off."

Red River High School's student body president Mandi Egeland says she can't believe the actions of a few can paint such a horrid picture of the school as a whole, "it's unfortunate that three kids are going to reflect poorly on Red River as a whole."

The three freshman took off the hoods after upper classman let them know how inappropriate they were. But principal Kris Arason says he's not entirely sure the three understood the seriousness of what they had done. "I think they know what the costume means, that it's an organization about racism. But I don't know they understand exactly some of the actions taken by the group."

Whether the three knew it or not, Mattice says it was quite embarrassing, "I was shocked and ashamed at the same time."

A KKK outfit represents hate, fear and intolerance. But whether you chalk it up as a bad decision made by kids, or a hate crime. Much of the talk is whether there is a teachable moment in all of this.

Egeland says as freshmen they might not have understood what those thirty seconds of dress up cost the community, "they didn't understand the ramifications for this and how this was gonna affect the school, them, their families, their lives. Doing something they thought would make them look cool."

While the principal ensures us that the three were all remorseful, he says hopefully teens everywhere take a little something from this teachable moment: "Some of the things include the power of social media, once you've done something you can't take it back in today's world. The effects it has on not just you the individual, but an entire community."

The North Dakota High School Activities Association is awaiting the results of the Red River High School's investigation. Then the state organization plans on launching an investigation of their own. Penalties could range from suspension, an apology or not being allowed to play or cheer at sporting events from here on out.



The three freshman who in Friday nights game dressed in KKK style outfits were not allowed to come back to Saturday nights High School State Hockey Championship game.

People said before the game they noticed them dressed in white robes, but never saw the complete outfit until someone snapped a picture and sent it to their phone.

Other students from Red River High School told Valley News Live that the freshman were told if they wanted to stand in the front they had to dress in all white, which led them to the outfits. After the hoods were up for one minute other peers told them to take them off.

Associate Principal Chris Douthit says the school now wants to move forward after the incident. "We want solid citizens, we want our students to do what's right, to do what's best and to support their school in a positive, passionate, caring way." Douthit says.

Students on Saturday night were dressed in red clothes to support the boys hockey team.



Original Story


Social media quickly caught on to a picture of three fans wearing white robes and pointed hoods at the Fargo Davies-Red River High School hockey playoff game in Grand Forks Friday night.  

The three were sitting in the front of the Red River High section.

The controversial picture sparked a major buzz online, leaving people to wonder what message the three were trying to send.  Some believe the students were depicting members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Stay with Valley News Live as we bring more details.


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