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Icicles May Be A Warning

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The sunshine today was making homes and businesses sparkle throughout the valley, but those glimmering icicles could mean looming danger for your home and your pocket.

They come in all shapes and all sizes, but when these icicles pile up, they become a long line of trouble.

"Usually it's the cause of lack of insulation or lack of ventilation or a combination of the two," Dan Frisch, Manager at Cullen Insulation in Fargo, explained.

It's called 'ice damming,' and it's a dead giveaway of what's going on inside your attic.

"If that heat has no where to escape out of roof vents it will get the under side of that roof deck warm, melts the snow and it runs down and starts to build up ice. The longer that gets untreated the ice builds up and starts to drip," Frisch said.

The size of your icicles is telling you one thing, but take a look up and your shingles are telling you another.

"If your neighbors all have snow on their roof and you see shingles with ice at the bottom, you're losing a lot of heat."

Frisch says the weight of ice build up in your gutter will pull them down. But, when warmer days come you're looking at more serious damage.

He says it can rot the roof boards and start to drip through your insulation onto sheet rock and cause water damage.

It all totals insulation and ventilation fixes that can range from $500 to about $2,000.

But, to avoid that bill and if you're not sure your insulation and ventilation needs fixing, first just get that snow off your roof.

It can be dangerous to do on your own, but you can call roofing contractors in town who will offer the service for your.

It will save you in the long run from that ice build up.


Icicles are one of the beauties that come with winter, but they could be a sign your home isn't heated properly.

 Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman is looking into what icicles on your home mean, and whether or not you may need new insulation. In the meantime, send us your icicle photos!

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