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Neglected Horses Find Homes in Red River Valley

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Thirty abused horses arrived in Hawley, Minnesota this evening after a long ride across the state.

A community pulled together to make this happen.

One man offered up his trailer, a woman paid for the shipping of thirty horses and dozens more showed up to take them home.

They all came together, touched by the journey the horses made.

They came from all across Minnesota, congregating in one Hawley barn.

"It was two weeks of constant phone calls and emails and interviews and a little bit of begging," Tracy Tschakert laughed as she coordinated the pick-up.

When Tracy set out to save thirty helpless horses, she called her friends.

Sheri Dornbusch hauled one for herself and one for the woman down the street.

"This isn't the first time and I don't think it will be the last," Sheri said about rescuing a horse.

And Judy Hansen, whose heart is bigger than her truck.

"I only have room enough in my trailer for one," she said. "That's probably a good thing because I'd probably take them all home if I could."

Immeasurable effort, that was almost lost. The semi truck carrying the horses broke down last night, and efforts would have beet futile had a stranger not stepped in to help when he read about the story.

Each pitched in however possible.

"You know what, I honestly believe that if you do enough good, it will come back to you," Sheri said.

Each were rewarded mostly by a door opening and wheels coming to a stop.

The sounds of a journey across one state, tonight, is the sound of a homecoming.

Eager eyes looked on.

Thirty horses filed out.

Each brought here by unfamiliar faces and kindred spirits.

Twenty-eight of the thirty horses have found homes.

Tracy needs help finding two more homes.

If you can help, contact her at (218)234-6150

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