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Fire Fighters Getting Inked

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Earlier this week we told you a story about how some Law Enforcement Agencies ban their employees from having tattoos visible.  

Fargo fire fighters follow the same guidelines the police do. No tattoos are allowed to be showing outside of their uniforms. But at some stations in North Dakota there isn't a policy put in place yet, so some are getting inked up before a policy is laid down.

"These guys have been thinking about what they've wanted for a few years now so, it's just the fact that they got a push to do it faster I guess." says tattoo artist Lucas Stram.

The fire fighter says he understands they are the image of the city and that the policy would be so they don't offend someone, so we asked people if they thought it would affect their work.

"You know I think freedom of expression is to each individual, I have tattoos but I cautious because I think about the people that are around me." says Jennifer Clennon. Her friend Sarah Wambach agrees, "I think that the main thing is that they are able to come to their job and serve the people and their community an I don't think a tattoos is gonna...maybe if they are bold enough to get a tattoo, then they are bold enough to be in a situation they are put in."

But the fire fighter said he will follow what bar the department sets and would cover it up if his job required him to. Sarah says, "If they have one and they change the policy, I don't think wearing a long sleeve shirt is going to affect they way they perform either."

Other jobs that have similar policies are bank workers, restaurant managers and some store clerks.

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