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Moorhead Neighborhoods Snowed In Without Plows For Days

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Stranded by the snow... It's easy to be stuck at home during the blizzard. But some in Moorhead were snowed in for two days, and they say a lack of plowing is to blame.

The city of Moorhead has taken their fair share of angry calls over the last few days. People are wondering why they were left stuck in the snow. Some in Village Green neighborhood cul-de-sacs waited until Tuesday afternoon to have their road plowed out.

Jesse Bridley of Moorhead says, "I just have a shovel."

That makes it tough. He and his neighbors have about had it with all the snow.

"A lot of work," says Bridley.

And they're storming about how long they've been snowed in.

Bridley says, "They'll come and plow the main street out, but then we're all plowed in, anybody that's in the horseshoe here."

He lives in the Village Green development.

"I saw enough stranded people," says Bridley.

A neighborhood, where the city didn't make it through with their plows until two days after the storm.

Bridley says, "It's kind of funny to see the plows getting stuck."

"Just a very little bit of snow under the tires can cause them to spin out," says Casey Gibson with the Moorhead Streets Department.

He explains their plows have gotten stuck quite a few times, and from there, everything slows down and snowballs. On top of that they've got a few new guys on staff.

"It's just getting things up to speed and getting everybody good at doing it," says Gibson.

And for the next few weeks, you'll have to deal with five foot or higher drifts that make it tough for you to see when you're driving.

It's a hassle, but in the Valley, but seems there's always a friend to pull or push you through. And while this cold can make you heated, crews say they'll be working.

Gibson says, "We're trying. We can do only so much at a time. We're trying."

But when you're snowed in for days, patience tends to freeze up.

"I assume that's what we're putting our taxes towards," says Bridley.

After talking with multiple cities' street departments, they all agree it could take weeks for streets to be back up to par. They say they're putting in overtime, and will be out everyday, widening out streets and trying to level off the snow banks so you can see over them. For now, we just have to be patient.

Once most of the snow plowing has been done, the city of Moorhead says they will likely make a "Snow Removal Declaration" in the "Blue Snow Removal District". That means cars parks on those streets could be towed. To avoid that, you should sign up for notifications. As of Monday, the city says only 211 people signed up.

You can sign up by following this link:


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