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Heavy Snow Can Damage Your Roof

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It's been a long day for a lot of people; digging out, snow blowing and plowing. While the snow on the ground can be a hassle, snow on your roof might be an even bigger problem.

If you were lucky, the wind that came with all the snow, blew off most of the stuff that landed on your roof. But depending where you are, it can pile up. And if it's not taken care of, it can cause a lot of problems.

Michael Friesen of Moorhead says, "Take care of the plow by. The heavier stuff so it doesn't firm up."

He's worked tirelessly.

"Probably since about 9 this morning," says Friesen.

And put in more hours than an average work day. Friesen's snow blowed his driveway, his neighbor's driveway...

"Neighbor's snow blower broke down, so I took it into my garage and fixed it," says Friesen.

And then he's snow blowed some more. But when it comes to big snows, the stuff on the ground is important, but so is the snow on your roof.

"Tend's to blow off and hit the ground," says Friesen.

He's lucky. But many others aren't.

Dan Oman with Greenberg Roofing says, "A lot, a lot of different reasons why snow and ice can damage a roof."

While it may not be the heaviest snow we've gotten this season, it can be heavy. This 5 1/2 foot drink can weigh a couple hundred pounds.

"We're going to be extremely busy," says Oman.

Over the next few days, his crew will be clearing off roofs so they don't cave in, make ice dams or cause ventilation problems. The process can be tricky.

"Combination of snow blowers and snow scoops," says Oman.

It can also be dangerous.

Oman says, "Safety is a huge issue. If you're not comfortable getting on a roof and you're worried about damaging your roof, just call the professionals right away."

And even though the after blizzard clean up is a hassle, it goes a little better with a smile.

"You got to make the best of it, this is Minnesota," says Friesen.

If you decide to clean your roof yourself, you can use something called a snow rake. It'll run you around 50 bucks, can be used from the ground and has an extending arm that you can pull the snow off from the ground. Much safer than climbing up on the rooftop.

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