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Your Winter Storm Checklist

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If you've lived in Minnesota or North Dakota for a year or two, you're likely no stranger to the hardships of winter: icy wind, heavy snowfall, frostbite, and dead car batteries.


Every year presents its own set of challenges, and we here at Valley News Live want to make sure this winter goes as smoothly as possible for you and your family. Here's what we've been seeing this time around...

Grocery stores were packed Saturday with people stocking up for the days ahead. Store managers note that many shoppers already have their shovels and ice scrapers; the majority of the business now is in groceries.

Target Manager Matt Deboer agrees it was a busier Saturday than most: "Definitely, you know, people are planning to spend some time at home, so grocery has been very busy for us today. People are definitely loading up their carts and getting the necessities and getting ready to spend a day or two at home."

Regardless of the severity of the storm, it's always better to be too prepared than underprepared, and with a sizeable winter storm bearing down on the Valley, it's recommended that you stock your kitchen with a three-day supply of food, if you haven't done so already.

Non-perishable items like water and canned foods  are particularly practical to have on-hand in case of a power outage. This will make sure that you can wait out the storm in comfort should roads become impassable.


Unfortunately, staying snug at home isn't an option for everyone, and if work or family requires you to venture out, there are a few more tips you should consider.


Check your automotive fluid levels. 

If you're making a long trip, running low on antifreeze could cause your engine to overheat, leaving you stranded, so it's a good idea to keep an extra gallon or two in the trunk.


Keep your gas tank full. 

For both cars and snowblowers, a full tank of gas makes for easy and instantaneous starting. This means less stress on the battery, and less stress on the battery means a lesser chance of it dying.

Prepare a survival kit.

Icy road surfaces and reduced visibility are common winter weather driving hazards, and there are a few important items you'll want to have should you become stranded or stuck.

A good winter survival kit will have a shovel for digging out around tires and sand to help with traction (kitty litter also works well), as well as blankets and other warm apparel.

You might also consider a flashlight and/or candles and matches, a first aid kit, a hand-crank radio, and a prepaid cell phone with a charger; these make useful additions to any survival kit.


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