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Healthier Me: Omega-3 & Healthier Burgers

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In Wednesday's Healthier Me, an American food favorite just got healthier!


Kansas State University Professor of Animal & Industry Jim Drouillard is creating USDA-approved Omega-3-enriched ground beef; they're the burgers we love with the fatty acid we need, and they're better for your cholesterol and your heart than traditional burgers.

Drouillard discovered about a decade ago that feeding cattle flax seed increased the amount of Omega-3 in the animals over the course of several months; so, while the burgers we enjoy now have only minimal amounts of the beneficial fatty acid, Drouillard says, this new creation "would be something in the range of 250 to 350 milligrams in that quarter pound serving of hamburger."

That's about a fourth of the healthy daily amount. 

Phil Stultz likes the idea. He's the owner of the Kreem Kup Drive In in Wamego, KS, and with the hamburger being their number-one seller, making it a little healthier could also make business a little better. 

"The research is very well-documented on what the Omega-3 fatty acids can do for your health, and most of us [...] get our Omega-3 fatty acids from fish," Stultz explains. "A lot of people don't like fish. [...] If there's no significant taste [difference], the health benefits are very good with having the Omega-3 added into the beef, so I think it would be a positive thing."

Customers and Drouillard agree.

Juanita Habluetzel, takes Omega-3 daily: "People need to be more health-conscious, because the whole world is so overweight, and we don't eat the right foods... I think they're getting more health-conscious all the time."

Drouillard: "If it, in some small way, can contribute to a more-balanced diet for Americans, then, yeah, we feel pretty good about that."

Researchers are currently manufacturing and selling the beef through Manhattan-based NB03 Technologies. Stores in Buffalo, NY, will start stocking it this month, and Drouillard hopes to launch the product nation-wide later this year.



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