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Cass County Sheriff Responds to Obama's Gun Control Bill

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President Obama is in the middle of a campaign for a push for stricter gun control laws. But not everyone is on board for the move that proposes to renew the 94' assault weapons ban, limit ammunition magazines to ten rounds or less, and put into a place a universal background check. While making sure the wrong people aren't able to obtain guns, the Cass County Sheriff says the bill should be more inclusive, and focus on the right things.

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney says if the bill were to pass, his department would likely wait until the Supreme Court rules whether the bill is constitutional before taking any sort of action. Adding that he pledged an oath when he took the role of Sheriff to uphold the constitution while he held the office.

"Some of the agenda items that have come out... More cops in the schools, more access to mental health records, more closing up some of the loopholes so that the people who should not have guns don't have guns. I don't have any problem with that because as a Sheriff I've always been that way. I don't want people who shouldn't have guns to have guns." Says Sheriff Laney.

Does the bill concern you? You're encouraged to contact your state representatives as legislature continues to mull over the notion of whether this is the right move at the right time. If you want to see the National Sheriffs Association's stance which is also held by the Cass County Sheriff's Office, we've included a link to their website at valleynewslive.com just click on the hot button on our home page.

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