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As Seen on TV: The Lint Lizard

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The As seen on TV industry is a $150 billion a year business. Selling you everything from cookware to household accessories, most promising to make your life easier.

We took the Lint Lizard to the test, a 43 inch long hose that promises to act like a "magic wand" and suck the lint out of your dryer.

Melissa Schmalenberger, does her fair amount of laundry between her husband and three children. She helped us try out the Lint Lizard, however not only was the product difficult to put together, it didn't seem to suck up nearly the amount of lint it gathered in the commercial.

In-fact we gathered more lint with her regular vacuum attachment that came free with the vacuum.

Even the experts at Laney's recommend seeking out a professional if you want a true cleaning. Joel Carlson, HVAC install manager at Laney's, says,"being a professional I would rather call the professionals at laney's or another company and have them clean the entire system"

Carlson, adds even though the lint lizard may reach some lint it can't grab everything especially since some dryer vents can extend for quite some length. "Typically a dryer vent is going to be eight feet long with a couple elbows, So you're not going to be able to get all the way down to the back of your dryer."

The Lint Lizard also say's it "helps prevent vent fires," but with the amount of lint we picked up that doesn't seem to set ease, "honestly this gives me no piece of mind if we're worried about house fires or something like that, That's not going to save a life," said Schmalenberger.  

The Lint Lizard retails for $10.99.


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