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When Should City Step In If Landlord Won't Fix Problem

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Over the last few days, Valley News Live has received multiple complaints about heating issues at Goldmark Properties. However, Goldmark says the issue does not exist. Because of this, we wanted to know, in these situations, what does it take for the city to step in and fix the problem.

One tenant at Goldmark says, "I just kind of live with it."

It's a heated argument...

"Just these few cold days, it gets really cold," says the tenant.

Where it's the little guy against a big company.

"They don't really respond too promptly around here," says another tenant.

After multiple complaints about heating systems not being fixed by Goldmark Properties, we wanted to know what it takes for the city to step in and help.

Fargo Inspections Administrator ,Ron Strand, says, "Would be dependant on the severity of the complaint and the duration of time that's past."

For example, your problem has to affect building code or have something substantial behind it. Take security doors. If it's broken. Sorry! That's in your contract, and your building isn't required to have it.

"Be clear, be serious, let them know how long it's lasted... Try to resolve it without our help." says Strand

He says after you've gone to your landlord and they haven't fixed the problem, then tell the city. If it's a heat or electric issue, his department get right on it. If it's smaller, they may take a bit to act on your complaint. Also, he says to put your complaint in writing. Put the date, the specifics of it and a signature. But his biggest advice; be a responsible renter and look out for yourself.

"I crank the heat up no matter how cold it is outside, it won't do anything," says a tenant.

As far as the high volume of complaints that we got about Goldmark Properties, Strand says he may have an explanation. First of all, he says Goldmark has had a small amount of issues with the Inspections Department compared to other apartments in the area. Also, Goldmark owns a majority of the rental properties in the area, which means they have a majority of the renters, and in turn, makes them subject to more complaints.

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