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How Long Can You Last In The Cold?

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These temperatures and wind chills are downright dangerous, and detrimental to your skin. You'll want to protect yourself from frostbite which can do some serious damage to your hands, toes and any skin that's exposed. So how long can you be out there and still be safe?

In the temps like we had Thursday, it only takes five to ten minutes before frostbite starts.

People Thursday night were avoiding being outside if they could, but some things like gas are a necessity. The cold temps are making people think twice about what to wear out.

"Actually I usually don't wear my scarf or my mittens, but I did decide to do that. And I live on campus so I made sure I was prepared for the walk." says Carissa Aamenson.

If you are outside trying to pump some gas with no gloves on that means you could be putting yourself in danger of 1st degree frostbite. That's when it freezes the top layer of your skin which could temporarily make you loose sensitivity to hot and cold items. Frostbite can take a month to heal.

When frostbite starts to set in what happens is your blood vessels start to constrict to keep your core warm.  

"I think about it, I guess I don't worry about it, but I think about people touching those metal nozzles they are very cold, and it can freeze your hands easily." says a gas station employee Marsha Grindahl.

When Valley News Team Kristi Larson was going inside Thursday the cold metal on her bare hand burned some skin. It would take a while but in temps like we were in on Thursday, deep frostbite can occur, that freezes blood vessels, nerves, tendons and muscles.

Best advice given by people who were out, was for everyone to stay in.

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