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Valley News Live Starts a Restaurant Report Card

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When you go out to eat you expect your food to be safe and restaurants to be clean. Starting tonight we're bringing you a new segment called restaurant report card. We are digging into the inspection records of area restaurants and looking for violations that might make you sick. Valley News Live went on the hunt for the biggest violators and has this report.

The first restaurant we noticed violations at was Kobe's Japanese Cuisine in Fargo. The cooked noodles in the walk-in cooler weren't date marked to prove when they were prepared and time logs for their sushi rice to prove when they were made, were filled out in advance of their dinner rush. Both are considered critical violations because all staff need to be able to determine how long ago food was prepared and put out. Finally, the temperature of their tofu was below acceptable standards, according to the health inspection report. That could make you sick.

Next on the list is the Drunken Noodle in downtown Fargo. Back in December they had three critical violations. The first, the holding temperature of their shrimp was at 100' when it should have been at 135' or higher. The manager Anna Renner says it happened on the account of a broken piece of equipment, "the heat lamp was faulty so the temperature was low, what you do is throw the shrimp away."

That faulty lamp has since been fixed and today staffers know about temperature control and how vital it is. When the inspector fills in restaurants where they fell short, more often than not restaurants, just like the Drunken Noodle take notes to fill in their staffers.

"We have records that show that all the rice is held at certain temperatures. All the fish is held at certain temperatures.. And the rice is at a certain ph level." Says Renner.

Also they didn't date mark all bags of leafy greens once they were opened, a key for everyone in the kitchen to know just how long the greens were around. The manager says it was just one bag and it's a practice they've been abiding by for years. This is actually a new rule in the books for North Dakota health inspectors and restaurants.

Once the inspector left, most of the problems were already fixed at the Drunken Noodle but the following day Renner sat down with her employees to fill them in on some of the violations, they had overlooked.

"It's a learning process constantly keeping our staff informed is what really helps. Which is why we have meetings and we do enjoy our meetings with the health inspector." Says Renner.

It's really not all gloom and doom if a restaurant fails the restaurant report card. What we've found out from the Fargo Cass Public Health Inspector is that more often than not these violations are taken care of before the inspector even leaves the establishment. We are also acknowledging the cream of the crop. Restaurants that have proven to the health inspector and the public that they can keep up clean and healthy standards like Sammy's Pizza downtown Fargo.... They haven't had a violation for years.

Tuesday we acknowledged that accomplishment with a clean plate award. The manager, Bryce Kulas, who accepted it says he's used to the run in with the health inspector. "I love the guy, the guy who comes in.... We have a good relationship. He always catches me cleaning when he comes in here , he always lets me know that. But I really appreciate this it makes me feel really good."

If you see this clean plate award sticker in the window of a business, you now know that they've kept their building clean for quite some time.... Sammy's pizza has been downtown Fargo since 1956 and they have one more plaque to put on the wall today.

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