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Biking Through The Snow

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Cycling is a hard sport, but trying to pedal through snow and on ice makes it tougher. Seventy-five bikers braved the cold Sunday, and raced around the Red River.

"We're out here for the third annual Brrr Mountain Bike Race out here." says Steven Wenzel who got second place in the race.

"It's a winter bike race in the community gardens, kind of on the edge of the river in between Fargo and Moorhead. There's not a lot of biking in the winter and it's something for people to kind of get ready for and get excited for the end of the end of January," says another cyclist Asa Jacobs.

When asked why they do it, Katie Teubner had an idea, "I don't know if it's sort of like the whole people who get together and jump in the lakes in the winter, and I don't know, people just want an excuse to get together and be outside."

Race Manager Nick Redenius agrees, "When is the last time anyone's been outside really doing a lot of physical activity?"

Although every twist and turn is a challenge, no one complained about Sunday's outdoor activity. "There's been a number that came to registration today and said 'wow it's such a beautiful day', and it truly is!" Nick says.

Katie agrees, "Today's weather was wonderful, I was sweating last year I was freezing."

A winding course was set for the bikers. Steve explains, "Part of the challenge is you never really know, each time you go through, the other bikers in front of you are going to change the course, and so where you thought it was easier on the previous loop it could get tougher on the second loop."

A slippery course, that got the better of some people.

"I wiped out a couple times yep ha ha," Katie admits. But supporters cheered them to the finish, where at the end it was all smiles.

"It's such a fun race." Asa says.

"75 riders came out today to participate four loops and it's a trying race, it's fun." Steve says. The race was open to anyone some cyclists were over 60-years-old and one of the youngest was 14.

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