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Workers Can't Avoid the Cold

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The cold temps and extreme wind chills over the last few days haven't kept some workers from being outside.  "And that's what kills us is that wind." says letter carrier Stephen Strayer.

The wind chill makes a huge difference when working outside, Thursday although it was five degrees out, it felt like twenty below. "We were expecting it to be cold but yesterday was just brutal, yesterday most carriers couldn't warm up, the hand warmers didn't work, the wind was just blowing." Stephen says.

People who only have to be out for a few minutes feel bad for the carriers like neighbor Marjorie Schlossman, "I think it's really a terribly difficult job, I feel really sorry for Steve."

She and her dog Maltese have to get all bundled up to go out for a few minutes, "He is wearing two coats and four boots." Marjorie says. He is just like the carriers who work outside. Stephen says he wears three or four layers.  But they aren't the only ones outside layered up plummers also have to work outside when pipes freeze.

Ben Wolters is a service plummer, and he says he's also wearing three to four layers. "You know most of the time we do most of our work indoors, but on colder days like today, you know you get a lot of frozen water lines stuff like that." Ben says.

Workers say it's part of the job to be prepared for any weather. "Ah we just keep stuff in our trucks, we can keep stuff on as we get cold." says Ben. Stephen adds, "We got to do it, the mails gotta go through, so you just got to just get out here and not think about the cold." 

Both agree that layering is one of the most important things you can do to stay warm that and always have hand warmers handy. We also asked the workers which they preferred, extreme summer heat or extreme winter cold? Both said working in the heat.

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