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Law Enforcement Feel Effects of Ammo Shortage

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Heated talk over gun control laws have prompted many to rush out and stock up on ammunition, which in turn has created a national shortage.

Local law enforcement is feeling it.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office is now rationing its stock of ammo for training programs.

"Every vendor has told me the same thing, they actually laugh when we call them," Jeff Olson, Deputy Sheriff, said.

Empty. Sold out. Delayed. These are the words Olsen is hearing a lot of these days.

"One of our main suppliers for practice ammo," he said, "they're not even taking emails for two weeks."

Olson buys ammunition for the Cass County Sheriff's Office, but what used to be a routine order, now is a hunt.

In fact, he has yet to get a phone call back on orders he placed back in November.

"Checking today, this is the first time I've ever seen the screen for one dealer completely wiped out," he said looking at a blank web page for an ammunition request.

Cass County Sheriff's deputies aren't the only ones feeling the heat of this shortage. Sportsmen and hobbyists also have ammo in their cross hairs, and it's leaving deputies in training with an empty chamber. It's leaving deputies in training with an empty chamber.

Olson says the sporting field, law enforcement and military are all intertwined. So, when some of them are scrambling to beat gun control laws, there's less to go around for deputy training programs.

"We order hundreds of thousands of rounds and we can't get one," he said.

Olson is now considering canceling the training this year if things don't let up.

"Keep talking about all these tragedies and banning guns, there will be no end in sight," Olson said.

Olson says the Sheriff's Office does have enough ammo for deputies responding to calls. Training programs will still include other important drills, but they say the experience of actually firing a handgun or rifle in training is invaluable.

The Sheriff's Office has also seen a spike in the price of ammunition and a shortage in gun replacement parts.

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