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Cold Treats Still Popular On Cold Days

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Despite freezing weather, it doesn't stop people from going out today to get some frozen sweets.

"He's been working in the garage all day," Jeney Christensen, of Fargo, said. "And he came in and I was on the couch and I said, 'you know what sounds really good? Cold Stone. Right away, we didn't even think about how cold it was out. I guess when we go there, we were like, 'why are we going to get ice cream when it's so cold?' But, we still did."

Today walking into an ice cream shop, you wouldn't expect it to be busy. But people were in to buy cakes, cones and cups of ice cream.

Cold Stone Creamery workers say they have a loyal customer base, who will come in no matter how cold the weather.

The Cold Stone motto is "any day is a great day for ice cream." People up here seem to agree, no matter how cold it is outside, if they have a sweet tooth, they'll be coming in to get their favorite flavor.

"I mean it's cold, we mentioned it's kind of stupid that it's cold out," Paul Streich, of Moorhead, said.

Jeney agrees, "We said well it's the warmest day of the weekend,' because it's going to be so cold tomorrow and so cold Monday. So, we might as well take advantage of the warm weather right now."

Other customers said they came for treats because there's not a lot going on when it's cold outside. Even with the winds blowing, many customers didn't mind as they ate inside.

"They're just bundled up big time, scarves, mittens, hats, just puff they look like marshmallows walking," Joe Labor, an employee, said. "They get unbundled, eat their ice cream and they bundle right back up and they're out the door."

Although many were braving the weather today, remember during these dangerously cold temperatures, it's a good idea to stay indoors. It takes only a few minutes outside for the cold to affect your body.

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