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Best Winter Apparel Costs Money But Keeps You Warm

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The thought of extreme cold weather coming our way had people out buying coats, hats and mittens. It can get expensive, but buying the right stuff to keep you warm will be worth it.

"Two layers are always better than one." says Scheels Manager Danielle Chaney. But two layers may not be enough for the cold temps we are expecting, but if you are wearing the right stuff, then you could be ready. Starting at the bottom with long johns.

"The waffle type, they introduced a new level to be even warmer, and that right next to your skin will make a big difference." Danielle says. Many people out shopping were looking for coats to keep warm. Danielle continues"Omni heat, it's thermal reflective, so whatever body heat it will take it and reflect it back at you, while the outside keeps you warm and dry."

But if you don't produce a lot of body heat then the down feathered coats are best. "Canada goose jackets are the jackets we carry in the store that are rated to -30 or -20, they're arctic and they are actually made in Canada. As long as it's protected with this wind and waterproof outside, is the biggest thing for down."

Some people add a fleece, mittens, a hat, hand warmers, so how much could it end up costing you to get all bundled up for this weekend? Including a pair of snow pants, a long winter coat, a neck warmer, a bomber hat, and finishing off with a pair of mittens the whole outfit could cost you $440 dollars. But the price you pay could be worth it when it lasts you the next few winters and help you keep warm.

"You're looking for good quality something that will hold up and in this weather it's worth it, it's well worth it." shopper Sarah Elkins agrees.

The biggest tip to keeping warm was layering up. "Some warm socks and shoes, mittens, something with layers maybe a sweatshirt underneath or a fleece." Sarah says. And Danielle agrees to bundle up. "Cover up any inch of your skin weather it's a hat, a face mask a glove, a good sock."

Also hand warmers are a great way to keep warm, you should place them on the backs of your hands where the blood flows to your fingers.

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