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Police Finding Law Breaking Drivers

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Busy beyond expectations what Police have discovered in the last couple of days about local driving.  Don't say you weren't warned Police told us days ago they would be out looking for drivers, who weren't obeying the law, and they've been busy.  Police, up and down the valley, conduct safety pushes all the time. In Fargo the most recent one is this week's Click It or Ticket campaign its part of a statewide effort to get people to buckle up.  But finding law breakers was easy, maybe too easy.

"I can tell you today so far we've, ah just on the shift that I've worked alone, we were seeing like four or five texting citations alone." says Sergeant Ryan Dorrheim with the Fargo Police Department.

They set up at several locations around Fargo and no matter where they are, finding a driver breaking the law has been easy. "We are using the primary reason to stop such as red light, and also speeding, and also texting and distracted driving as a method also to combat some of our high crash areas." Sergeant Dorrheim says.

Tied up in traffic tickets written in the past few days is the push to get people to buckle up. Sergeant Dorrheim continues, "I'm pleasantly surprised that we are not getting a lot of the seat belt violations. Ah we've gotten quite a few but not as many as previous years." This week's campaign is driving by money from the North Dakota Department of Transportation. "They give us grant funds to help support additional officers on the roadways specifically looking for seat belt violations."

And what started as a search for seat belt violators, then shifted to other violations will also help determine problem spots in the city, where more enforcement may be needed to avoid accidents. "We can use statistics to help guide our enforcement." says Sergeant Dorrheim.

We won't get final numbers until next week in Fargo, but Valley News Live has a scanner in the newsroom and we're able to listen to these officers in action, and they have been busy.

The hope, is that no matter what the numbers say, people will notice that authorities are out and they will get pulled over if they don't follow the law, and in turn, take a safer approach whenever they are behind the wheel.  

Grand Forks is conducting the same type of campaign this week at last check of the people pulled over, close to 15% of the tickets handed out were for not wearing seat belts.

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