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Grand Forks Man Shoots at Burglar

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  As the entire Country now debates gun control laws, Grand Forks authorities are left deciding whether a homeowner had the right to shoot at a burglar.

  It happened on the north side of Grand Forks  this morning, when a homeowner confronted a burglar.

  The suspect, 24-year old, Jared Christensen of Nielsville, Minnesota wasn't hit with any bullets, but he did receive a head injury from the homeowner, that had to be treated before he was jailed.

  Christensen faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance.

    The name of the homeowner has not been released yet, as authorities decide whether he could face any charges.

  It happened on the 1700 block of 11th Avenue North, behind Acme Electric at 3:30 a.m..

  Police say the suspect broke into a home and struggled with the homeowner. The suspect then fled the home on foot and the homeowner grabbed his pistol and took a couple shots at the suspect outside, but missed him.

Morgan Batalben, Neighbor: "I heard a couple of gunshots about 3:30. There was just 2 of them and that was about it. At 4 o'clock I walked outside because my daughter was awake and there police outside."

  Police arrested the suspect nearby, and then made sure no one in the neighborhood had been injured by the shots.

Lt. Michael Ferguson, Grand Forks Police: "By law, homeowners have the right to use force to protect themselves and their property against unlawful entry or attempt at unlawful entry, or carrying away of their property. Now, that force must be reasonable."

    And now, since the homeowner apparently fired the actual shots at the suspect outside of his home, the States Attorney is weighing whether that homeowner could also face charges in this case.

   The entire case is currently under review, no possible further charges are expected until at least tomorrow.

  This is the actual North Dakota law regarding homeowner rights:

12.1-05-06. Use of force in defense of premises and property.

Force is justified if it is used to prevent or terminate an unlawful entry or other trespass in or

upon premises, or to prevent an unlawful carrying away or damaging of property, if the person

using such force first requests the person against whom such force is to be used to desist from

his interference with the premises or property, except that a request is not necessary if it would be useless or dangerous to make the request or substantial damage would be done to the property sought to be protected before the request could effectively be made.



Grand Forks police say a homeowner fired a gun at a burglar early Thursday morning.

Officers responded to a 911 call just after 3:30 am.

Police say the homeowner call to report a burglary suspect in his home.  The homeowner apparently shot at the suspect outside, but the suspect was not hit.

Officers were able to arrested the suspect and they are being held in jail on multiple charges.


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