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Two Arrested For Making Counterfeit Money

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Terry Higdem Terry Higdem
Nicholas Seeley Nicholas Seeley

Updated at 10:00pm on January 3, 2013.

A quiet morning in Fargo turned dangerous as the SWAT team was called in to help in an arrest. Two men are in jail tonight after spreading thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit money around the Fargo-Moorhead area. A SWAT team, along with the Secret Service, arrested 32-year-old Terry Higdem and 33-year-old Nicholas Seeley this morning after searching their North Fargo home.  

It's something Eric Johnson didn't expect when he went to work.

"Looked down there and you could see the black SWAT vehicle sitting in the yard," says Johnson.

A SWAT team and secret service showed up next door. A scary sight for a dad, especially when his kids sometimes come and visit him.

"I would have been a little more nervous then," says Johnson.

Deputy Chief Pat Claus says, "We've had a large influx of counterfeit money."

Terry Higdem and Nicholas Seeley were arrest for counterfeiting several thousand dollars worth of money.

Dep. Chief Claus says, "On the dispatch logs yesterday, there were 6 different calls to pick up."

And even though the bad guys are caught, police say to check your wallets, because thousands of dollars could still be floating around.

Dep. Chief Claus says, "There might be some still in circulation because smaller bills sometimes get less scrutiny."

The fake bills include 20s, 10s, 5s and 1s... But most of them are smaller bills.

"People should know what's in their wallet to make sure what they have is legitimate US currency," says Dep. Chief Claus. 

If you're wondering if you have any of the fake money in your wallet, Deputy Chief Claus says that most likely you would be able to tell because the bills were not made with water marks, some of the dignitaries don't quite look like they should, and he says they just plain look fake.  

If you want to check and make sure, you can go to the secret service's website.


They have some tell-tale signs of counterfeit money that you should look for. And if you think you have some of the counterfeit money, call the police.





The Fargo Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service initiated an investigation into reports of  counterfeit money being distributed within the Fargo-Moorhead area around December 31, 2012.  

The investigation lead authorities to a execute a search warrant at 1401 1st Ave. North in Fargo. Authorities considered the search warrant "high risk" and around 9:30 Thursday morning, the Red River Valley SWAT Team was called to help.

The search warrant turned up materials alleged to have been used in the manufacturing of several thousand dollars in counterfeit $20, $10, $5 and $1 bills. Two people were arrested for counterfeiting. Terry Bruce Higdem, 32, and Nicholas tom Seeley, 33, both of Fargo face a class B felony punishable by a maximum of ten years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.

Higdem was also charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and felony possession of drug paraphernalia.

Based on the amount of alleged counterfeit currency manufactured and the number of reports received by local law enforcement agencies, businesses and individuals are cautioned to examine currency in the above listed denominations closely.  If currency is suspected of being counterfeit, please contact your local law enforcement agency.


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