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Healthier Me: Medically Managed Weight Loss Program at Sanford Health

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 New Year's resolutions to lose weight are being met with pitches from gyms and several different weight loss plans. But, working with your doctor to lose weight might be the best plan. 

  Audrey Richardson: "I'm addicted to food. There's not a food that I don't like."

  Audrey Richardson admits that "addiction" caused her excessive weight gain over the years, but she also knew many of the popular weight loss plans didn't work for her.

  Audrey: "It's not like if you're an alcoholic, addicted to drugs or a smoker. You don't have to do these things again. With food... You have to eat to live."

  Audrey's doctor suggested a medically managed weight loss program through Sanford Health. Dietician Kathy Olson says the program is molded to the person... not the other way around.

   Kathy Olson: "There's so many different diets out there and weight loss programs, but they're really not designed for long term success."

 Sanford's program requires Audrey to meet with a dietician and attend group classes. She says she learned about portion control, but was still able to enjoy her favorites.

  Audrey: " Right from the start... Nothing was off limits.... Just quantities. I love pizza and I knew I would still eat it."

The weight really started to fall off... In less than a year... She lost more than 50 pounds.

  Audrey: "For the first time... I bought a swimming suit!"

  Audrey's weight loss has been huge... But for her... The small things have made the biggest difference. Armed with a new suit... She was able to go to a water park with her grandchildren.

   Audrey: "I would have never done it before. I was there before, but this time. It was a swimming suit and all."

  Audrey says she has turned into a super shopper. She loves to buy new clothes...and is still planning on needing more clothes as she loses even more weight.

  If you are interested you can get a referral from your doctor to start the Sanford Adult Weight Loss Program... or call the weight loss institute directly.

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