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How To Re-Use Your Christmas Tree

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As the new year comes it's time to throw out the old Christmas tree. But people wonder what can they do with it other than throw it out. Here's a few options for how you can re-use your tree.

"One idea is to bring it out in their back yard, and maybe hang a bird feeder near it and you can create kind of like a bird habitat." says Eric Baker who seems to know just about everything when it comes to trees. So if it's time to take down the tree many people are setting them on the curb for the city to pick up, but if you want to be more creative like Eric, there's a few more options than to just throw it away.

"A pheasant habitat, he lays them down I think in some sort of pattern where they are able to nest underneath them. And I have one guy that always wants some for I think it's a family big bonfire." Eric says. But if you want something crafty and more meaningful, he has a great suggestion. "I think it's fun for families to hold on to that stub, make a little ornament out of it. So what you can do is label it in which year you cut it, so you gain a little collection of all the butt ends if you will."

And although the wood isn't what you'd want in your fire place, the needles can also be very useful. "And then I vacuum those up, and it's almost like an air freshener for my vacuum machine. So granted it doesn't fill up the bag but for the next 3 or 4 or 10 times you use it kind of gives you an evergreen scent to it." says Eric.

All interesting and resourceful ways to re-use and recycle your tree.  If you do decide to put your tree on the curb most cities will pick it up on your garbage day and they recycle it into wood chips. Just check with your city for the details.

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